The project in a nutshell

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An expedition

A feature-length documentary

The project team

The expedition’s protagonists



They met on the benches of an engineering school in 2017. Three years after graduating, they decided to leave everything behind to embark on this adventure. Emile is leaving behind his job as an engineer in charge of energy saving studies and Ferréol is leaving behind his freelance work raising awareness of the challenges of climate change. From now on, it will be video, cycling and adventure.

The expedition’s sponsor: Jacques FRADIN

Like the IPCC for climate, the GIECO is a large international and interdisciplinary working group that integrates knowledge on human behaviour. Jacques FRADIN is no less than the Chairman of this group, and he has done us the honour of sponsoring this expedition.

Over and above his special status, which introduces us to a large network of scientists, Jacques FRADIN is first and foremost a scientist and doctor specialising in behaviour, and we had the pleasure of talking to him. You can find this discussion in the survey section.

The production team

Solidream is a production company specialising in assisting long-distance travellers who want to make feature-length films about their adventures. We’ll be there from A to Z to help us make our film.

From initial audio-visual training to support in finding broadcast sources, they will work with us to help us deliver high-quality, professional content.

Other partners

Ecole de Condé

Following a series of workshops on climate change, the Ecole de Condé in Marseille worked with us for 5 weeks to create a bespoke graphic charter for the project!
We owe our visual identity to them, and we’re really proud to wear it everywhere we go!

IMT Mines Alès

We worked for 5 weeks with students from our former school to develop a tool that will enable us to measure our greenhouse gas emissions simply and effectively throughout the expedition.

The Bicycle Club Nantes

Kevin, a former aeronautics engineer with a passion for cycling, has set up his own café-vélo in Nantes. After discussing the project at length, he came up with the idea of custom-built bikes, assembled piece by piece in his workshop.
Do you have a cycling project in mind? Don’t hesitate to drop in at his shop, where he’ll be delighted to hear what you have to say over a fair trade coffee!